Wavepitch is the
way to send cold emails.
The problem with cold emails is that they are cold. They are not personalized and they are not relevant. They are not sent at the right time and they are not sent to the right person.
Paced emails that don't feel automated
Sending emails too fast is a sure way to get your account banned. Wavepitch will automatically pace your emails to avoid this.
Powerful analytics to help you improve
We will track opens, clicks, bounces, unsubscribes and more. You can use this data to improve your emails.
Manage your contacts and campaigns in one place
We will help you manage your contacts and campaigns in one place. You can easily see who you have emailed and who you haven't.
Top of the industry deliverability
We provide you all the tools you need to get your emails delivered to the inbox. We will help you avoid spam filters.
Although powerful we're still on a early stage, this might be a good time to join us. We're working hard to make Wavepitch the best way to send cold emails and we would love to have you on board.
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